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A Brief Timeline - The Green Binder

About A Brief Timeline

Previous Entry A Brief Timeline Jan. 23rd, 2004 @ 11:21 pm Next Entry
OK, here goes:

Fall 1992 - Freshman year - ryca age 14-15, lespere 13-14
Summer 1993 - FIRST SUMMER - ryca 15, lespere 14

Fall 1993 - Sophomore year
Summer 1994 - SECOND SUMMER

Fall 1994 - Junior year
Summer 1995 - THIRD SUMMER

Fall 1995 - Senior year
Summer 1996 - FOURTH SUMMER aka Summer Before College

Fall 1996 - Freshman year/First year of college
Summer 1997 - FIFTH SUMMER

Fall 1997 - Sophomore year/Second year of college
Summer 1998 - SIXTH SUMMER

Fall 1998 - Junior year/Third year of college
Summer 1999 - SEVENTH SUMMER aka Last Summer of College

Fall 1999 - Senior year/Fourth year of college
Summer 2000 - EIGHTH SUMMER

Fall 2000 - First year out of college for ryca, amongst others
Summer 2001 - NINTH SUMMER

Summer 2002 - TENTH SUMMER

We should put this in the memories section so that we can reference it; it'll make it easier if we can just say "Third summer" or whatever without having to try to remember when exactly that was.

OK, a few reference points:

Freshman year - ryca hung out with Liz Goldstein and Sam Scranton and Nicole Pisan a lot, especially at lunch, after starting the year hanging out with Bessy Wong. Started hanging out with Justin Ice and Justin Jiminez after swimming in P.E. Called lespere a lot after school and saw a lot of Eric Ruggerio. Then lespere started dating Andee in March. ryca broken leg in March. Mark diagnosed with leukemia March 31.

First summer - lespere was dating Andee; we were going to youth group a lot. Met Jesse, Mike, Geoff, Mandy. Fell for Ryan at youth group. "FRENCH GIRLS!!!!!" - Caroline stayed with the Henry's; Stephanie stayed with the Au's and Bertille stayed with Cammy and Christina.

Sophomore year - ryca hanging out with _spankz_, Justin, Steffan, Bryan, Angela Pallato, Sara Bramlett, Gretel Perez, lespere, Geoff, Mike, Jesse, Mandy, etc. ryca became good friends with Debbie, Denise and Erin through poetry club. ryca started dating Darius.

Second summer - dating/breaking up with/dating Darius; ryca trip to Kansas; lespere and ryca trip to Europe. lespere with Bryce and then Eric. Bertille with Cammy and Christina and Stephanie with the Henry's. Bryan moved back to Utah.

Junior year - ryca with Darius and very few friends; lespere with Eric and lots of Sarah VC and Bryan, etc.

Third Summer - Stephanie with the Henry's; ryca with Darius and lespere with Eric. ryca goes to Cannes for a month. Mark given clean bill of health from leukemia after two years of chemo.

Senior year - ryca *finally* breaks up with Darius; ditto Eric for lespere; friendship resumes. Bryan returns from Utah but then drops out. Still in poetry club with Debbie, Denise and Erin. Debbie and Erin's friendship goes south. Journalism class. lespere throws ryca a surprise 18th bday party in March, invites imlac as a gift, and Jay. Friendship begins there. Prom with a whole mess of folks; lots of fun. Justin Johnson and a Porsche.

Fourth Summer - Bertille with the Henry's - lots of dating around. ryca meets Neils. Running around with imlac feeling crazy and going to Chuck's Donuts.

Does that help keep things in order? I know that it helps me.

_spankz_ - I can't remember when you transferred to Hillsdale! When did you transfer and how long were you there?

I'll post one for what I remember of college some other time.
Current Mood: nostalgic (of course)
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