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This memory:
On Haloween, I think it was my Junior year, so 1994 1995, ryca cut school and showed up at Hillsdale's lunch. I was pimping CWAC in the main courtyard, and she came to tell me that she broke up with Darius, and learned how to parallel part. I think I was dressed like a pirate, and Beautiful David had white face paint on. I even can imagine the picture I have somewhere.

Is that right?
Year corrected - 1/15/04 12:31PM
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Date:January 13th, 2004 07:10 am (UTC)
It has Halloween Day, 1995, Junior Year. My mom was in Mexico for the week, so I had the car. I'd gone out in the morning just like I was going to school, but when I got there I found Angela and gave her Denise's wallet that had been left in my car (and told her that I'd dumped Darius). Then I drove to Redwood City and woke up Geoff and he fed me pancakes. Then, after he went to work, I found David and told him, too. Then I went to HHS and found you (at lunch) and tapped you on the shoulder. You turned around and I said "I broke up with Darius last night". You threw both of your arms up in the air and said "Oh my god honey I'm so happy for you!" then hugged me and said "Go tell Sarah VC, too - she'll be so stoked!" She did the same thing when I told her. We got a polaroid of us with SVC, Michelle and Jesse. Then I went to 5th period (chorus) with Jesse, and then went to 6th period at SMHS (if I ditched I would have failed, so I couldn't miss it). David was one of the Sandman characters, and Garret was Alex from A Clockwork Orange. You were a pirate/gypsy, and I was wearing all black.
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Date:January 13th, 2004 07:11 am (UTC)

You are forever

The Chronicler. I love you.
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