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A Memory Jul. 19th, 2006 @ 05:28 pm
At Jay's house - a lot of us wre there, I think it was when Ryca was hooking up with Neils... Anyways, there was no one home but us kids, and I remember sitting in the back family room, and silling on and off onto the back patio talking about sex and Mazzy Star... imlac, do you remember?

I remember a feeling of expanding possibilities and connections that night - and that the air smelled good.
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A quickie Feb. 13th, 2004 @ 05:56 pm
I remember playing "Nervous" with Robert at the little beach - sometime during sophomore/junior year? And he didn't get nervous. What a weird night. Mark was there, too.

And Sarah and Mandy on Geoff's floor on Hillary's blanket while Geoff and I tried to sleep on the futon. Clap Clap Clap!

Remember Phone Sex? Jan. 31st, 2004 @ 08:17 pm
Zach Fong and who? I can't remember... Ohh, and calling Ryan Rothwell and God, that guy Harold Rucker when ryca was drunk for the first time in Mandy's bedroom with me and Mandy and Cherie.
We were gonna drink burbon or brandy, I don't remember which and Ryca started with a White Russian, and we chased it with warm Pepsi.
I think that was summer time, but I don't know when... not for sure, but I think we were driving already. It was in the garage at the Port Royal house, and everyone but Cherie threw up, and Mandy still teases me if I see her about how I was trying to mop up and throw up at the same time. We all sletpt head to foot to head in Mandy's black faux wrought-iron canopy bed with the pretty striped grey and black design. I think we ate pizza, and also I think there was a movie on, and music, and Cherie, either had or metioned a big metalic vibrator. HArold Rucker was high when she called. Quotes from ryca and others:
- While shaking Mandy by the shoulders, "I need a man!" Mandy's response, "uhm, I cant help you with that!"
- Lots of various dirty things to Harold, while tanked.
- from me, "I think you should be charging by the minute!" or something similar
- Ryca, "I can't feel my teeth! Now I understand why you guys do this!" (as to why we got drunk) Later, sleeping with a bowl and after having heaved bunches, "I'll never understand why you guys do this"
- Me: Slow down, it's a creeper, while complaining that I don't feel anything! and finally turning to Mandy all red and saying, I'm trashed with a huge grin.

Then the next day Geoff called and asked for Harold, and then told his father (aparently Harold Rucker, Sr.) that the girl who had called drunk the night before wanted to see him or f*ck him or some such, and the man said, "I think you're looking for my son." And we screamed and laughed and rolled with the silly excitement of it all. That's a fun youth memory for me.
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A Brief Timeline Jan. 23rd, 2004 @ 11:21 pm
OK, here goes:

TimelineCollapse )

OK, a few reference points:
Some highlights, heavily biased towards my memories of stuff about meCollapse )

Does that help keep things in order? I know that it helps me.

_spankz_ - I can't remember when you transferred to Hillsdale! When did you transfer and how long were you there?

I'll post one for what I remember of college some other time.
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How about Jan. 12th, 2004 @ 09:44 pm
This memory:
On Haloween, I think it was my Junior year, so 1994 1995, ryca cut school and showed up at Hillsdale's lunch. I was pimping CWAC in the main courtyard, and she came to tell me that she broke up with Darius, and learned how to parallel part. I think I was dressed like a pirate, and Beautiful David had white face paint on. I even can imagine the picture I have somewhere.

Is that right?
Year corrected - 1/15/04 12:31PM
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» Icons!
I made icons! Go me! Give me suggestions on them (or others) if you have any, ok?
» I clearly recall
Inviting imlacto ryca's birthday (17th?) party. He was one of my gifts.
I remember Jay following me there and getting stuck at that weird underpass clover thing on Hillsdale Blvd. and Old County Road. headed east from school, but I don't remember what day it was.

One of my clearest memories right now is having an argument in ryca's room about whether or not one of us should sleep with Mark, and I reasoned that I had gotten him as far as he had so far been, and also gay, so really out of practice. I believe that was the early summer of 1996.
» What a way to start...
OK, so it's the first post and I'm going to be off-topic. I love it. Why not?

I think that the layout here should be green. Cheesy, true, but consistent, and pretty. What do you (y'all) think?

OK, I should try to keep it marginally on-topic - let's see, memories...

Well, I remember meeting Mark at lespere's house on her 14th birthday in the basement... he was wearing a silk shirt and had a tiny little mustache and thought that he was so cool. Patty and I stole his shoes... and threw them in the ivy bushes that were full of spiders. He was so irritated, but he was cool about it.
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